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is there anything in the schedule we're going to skip out on?

i'm told the hon. devo dave intends to hit some of these along with us, but he has to work also, so he won't be able to do all of them.

2009 Rally Event details:

Schedule of Events Collapse )

for example, i don't gamble, so i probably will skip fitzgeralds'. is the aquabats show still on, or what's up with it?

Tomorrow's Trip to Denver

I think everything is set on our end. We're signed up and paid for, so that's cool.
We couldn't find a vehicle to bring the scooters down with (my sister is using her minivan to go camping, Scottie is using his truck for landscaping, and Arella's minivan just bit the big one) so we're getting new tires for Tia's scooter (since her other tires wouldn't make it) and then the 3 of us will ride down to Denver tomorrow afternoon. The plan is to leave at 3, which should hopefully get us down there in time to unload the scoots and go with everyone to the registration dinner. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes for good weather.

Colorado "Chaos" 2009 - The Logistics

This year we're putting the 'Chaos' in Colorado Chaos. Lemme get the good shit out of the way first.

I'll be signing up on Monday, for both Tia and I, and Arella will sign up as well. So there will be 3 of us coming from Fort way or another (just need to figure out the ride thing now).

Goings on:
Because I will have Arella with me (she gave up drinking for personal reasons) I'll have to skip out on the bar hopping after the events. I've been trying to chill out on the partying myself, as it was getting a little too out of hand, so this is actually a good thing. I'm trying to pay off my car so I also don't have a ton of extra cash to party there's actually 3 reasons for my chilling on this. I hope that everyone understands and won't be too disappointed or frustrated with me. I'd rather get it out there right now though before the rally rather than sping it on anyone and risk looking like I just don't want to hang out, which isn't the case. So I'll definitely be there for all of the actual rally events, but I'll be skipping out on the bars afterwards.

As usual there's the option of staying at the Tardis House, since they have offered and there's already two members of the Fleet there to begin with, heh. I want to make sure that's still going to work though, since there are two possible hiccups this year between me not hanging out too late afterwards and the possibility of Dave and Kriska going to the ska show. That sort of scatters people so I'm not sure. I was briefly talking to Dave about this very thing and I'll let them both chime in to figure this one out. If Arella and I are going to be the "party poopers" it may even make more sense for us to crash somewhere else so the rest of the Fleet can wind up at the Tardis House (as is known to happen, heh). Then we can just meet up with everyone in the mornings before Chaos starts.

I dunno...that's where things are at for me at least. Feel free to bring up whatever you like so that we can get everything sorted out to where at least most everyone is happy ;)
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Colorado Chaos Needs The Lost Fleet!

I forgot to do so this weekend, but I WILL register us both today. How about you guys? Did you get this email?

Dear Scooterist,

The Colorado Chaos Scooter Rally is rapidly approaching! Only 3 more weeks away. But we need YOU and your scooter to make it a success.

Right now our registration numbers are low. If you want to see this year's really take place now is the time to register. If we do not get enough people, we will be forced to cancel the rally. Which would be a shame since we have put a lot of work into making this year's rally really fun.

By registering now, you can also be sure that you get all the goodies in your registration bag, including the rally patch. And when you register before June 10, you save $5 off the registration fee. The fee will be going up to $35 after June 10.

Your $30 registration fee includes a continental breakfast on Saturday, Saturday lunch, Saturday Awards dinner, free admission to Tracks on Saturday night, lunch on Sunday and automatic entry of your scooter into the Show and Shine. Plus we have been collecting lots of great scooter related prizes to give away at the awards dinner on Saturday night.

Sign up today and make sure we have a third annual Colorado Chaos rally. Just click the artwork below to be taken to the website where you can register online
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Erico tech day

from michelle:

Hi Aimee,

We are having a Scooter Tech day at Erico on Feb 21st if you are interested..

lunch at noon. Then we will have the Service guys explain performance parts, etc, and I will go over some riding gear.. We also have Demos of scooters and a raffle to win scooter tires!!

Hope you can make it!

please rsvp with me or Lisa ( so we know :)